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No more hoarding leads & overspending on ads

With Daily Emails, I convert the lurkers in your email list into customers/clients

You’ve worked super-duper hard getting those breezy leads into your funnel, but your wave of traffics seems to stop after signing up for your newsletter. This is where trust building, familiarity, and repeated exposure to your brand converts “long term” leads into sales!

Email, The Most Underrated Tool In Business


return on Investment. The most cost-effective marketing platform


of Consumers check their emails everyday


Communication channel in the world


in Sales Minimum after applying Daily Emails

Nurturing to a close doesn’t have to take months

Daily emails take trust-building, familiarity, and brand engagement to a higher gear. Sending emails out daily is key to bringing your brand touchpoints directly to your customers instead of hoping they'll stumble upon you again!

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Raden here.

I’m a Daily Email Ghostwriter who’s laser-focused on
under-leveraged marketing.

I help hardworking (and attractive!) Business owners like you build a personal relationship with your audience at scale, on autopilot, and nurture those relationships into loyalty.

I believe that no business owner needs to fight tooth and nail to keep their sales pipelines full.

We all have an email list sitting around doing absolutely nothing, so my goal is to help you make a fortune from a resource you might not expect from in a million years!

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Daily Email Secrets

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