Send Emails Everyday & Not Seem Spammy

The question I get the most when I suggest Daily Emails to a business owner is always:, "Won't it seem overwhelming?"

And I get it. It's a great point. How DO you send to your subscriber list everyday, and not get kicked out of their inbox?

Well it all boils down to your branding.

How likeable is your branding?

Because it seems like only a certain type of authority figure is able to get away with spamming their list on a daily basis, and not get reported.

After writing emails for business owners for a while, I've deduced that it's not just certain people can only get away with it.

In fact, a lot of people can have their audience excited to receive their next email

If the email is interesting enough, and entertaining enough, people will love to read it

Making your emails interesting does come with a few sacrifices:

Being a likeable brand means 3 things:

Writing like a robot will land you right into the spam folder, and this won't even be an automated process, either. If you write in such a restrictive, formal, corporate tone, it is an absolute chore, and downright exhausting to read your content.

Pop the collar, loosen the tie a little bit, make some jokes here and there. The world is increasingly exhausted by value-added content. It's so saturated, and as dry as a desert. 

What stands out now is the human touch, and that's what it all really boils down to.

People want to connect with people.

This is where talking about your day-to-day comes in. It might seem like you're exposing yourself, but interestingly enough, people love reading about other people struggling. 

It's boring to read about a rock-solid entrepreneur who has everything going for him in day one. It's also simply untrue.

People want to put themselves into the shoes of others, who have dealt the same, or near similar struggles as themselves. I

You have to be a familiar figure in people's lives in order to be likeable.

People have a strong tendency to prefer those who they see more often as opposed to those they see once a while.

Even if the person they see less often, have better services/products than you.

We are built as visual creatures, and we will stay visual creatures until the world masters genetic mutation.

But all in all, it all ties back together with how likeable you are. Bring yourself down to earth, be more relatable, be entertaining, filter out the salespeak, and people will start to look forward to reading your emails every day.