My Process | Daily Emails

1. My Research

I research your product, people's experiences with it, and how it gets your customers results better than your competitors.

I find people who are talking about your brand to figure out their pain points, roadblocks, and dream state. I see your reviews, I see your testimonials, and your current customers' experiences so far with you.

2. Your input

Fill out 1 questionnaire (15-30 min), and it will tell me everything about your expertise points, how you speak to your customers, and the desired message you want to put forward.

3. The first batch

Once a week I send you a batch of 5-7 emails, to be reviewed by you before sending it to your list.

When the final edit for the first batch is done and sent out, the second one should be ready for review.

4. When they Zig, we Zag.

You will never find a day where my emails aren't the most unique in your prospect's inbox. I despise the practice of beating a dead horse, which is what marketers do best. 

Nowadays every newsletter sounds the same. So I do whatever it takes to make you stand out of the crowd.

Rinse & Repeat

Not every sales pitch is the same, it is always tailored to a specific type of person, so are my emails. My process can be repeated indefinitely in order to get all your interested buyers + more once the list grows through word of mouth + referral campaigns etc.

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