The Greatest Tool in Email Marketing (The P.S.)

The P.S. is an additional remark at the end of a letter.

The P.S. is such an integral part of this 6-Figure Email list process.

It is the key to planting a thought seed everyday so your audience is reminded that your products/services exist.

The P.S. is like a camouflage in your email; It's not the main part of the email.

Its integrated into the architecture of the platform.

We all expect it to be there, and most of us expect to be reminded of a product/service, that we don't mind being sold to through the P.S.!

It is an expected decor, so if you sell through the P.S., people won’t mind.

This means you can up the frequency of your emails.

Your audience won’t mind being reminded once a while, they won't even mind being reminded everyday!

We expect the P.S. to have the same message every time, anyways.

It’s the sales copy that tries too hard that bothers people.

The P.S. is a free-for-all for you to pitch.